Training Accessories

Physical training can take on many forms and we are proud to offer both modern and traditional martial arts training equipment. To view individual items, click on the photos below:

108" Stretch Hand Wraps

$7.99 Ex Tax: $7.99

 These washable hand wraps can be worn under gloves or on their own for added knuckle coverage and wrist support, made with stretch fabric for more cushion on impact. Featuring hook-and-loop closures and thumb loops. Lengths are approximate, as wraps may shrink slightly when washed...


$215.99 Ex Tax: $215.99

 Help prevent blisters during high-intensity physical training or martial arts with BlisterZone. This long-lasting, moisture-resistant skin lubricant reduces the friction and chafing that can lead to painful blisters. Features easy glide-on application...


$299.99 Ex Tax: $299.99

 Add an easy-to-carry packet of BurnZone to your gym bag or backpack for the next time you need quick relief from sunburn, scrapes, itching, and minor burns. Local anesthetics in the gel provide temporary a cooling, pain-numbing sensation when applied...


$287.99 Ex Tax: $287.99

 Created by sports medicine professionals, ChafeZone helps prevent chafing, blisters and the other friction-related skin irritations that come along with exercise. This water- and sweat-resistant skin lubricant comes in an easy-to-apply form and is great for fitness and martial arts activities...

Fresh Gloves Deodorizer

$9.99 Ex Tax: $9.99

 These charcoal and bamboo bags kill germs, absorb moisture and neutralize odors in sports gloves. Reusable and long-lasting, these bags are ideal for gloves that are hard to wash and dry..


$287.99 Ex Tax: $287.99

 The three active ingredients and concentrated formula of PainZone act quickly to relieve sore muscles. Great for using after a long day of training or working out at the gym, PainZone can also be used for arthritis and joint aches...

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