Whether you're a collector, looking for a beautiful new sword to add to your collection, or a practitioner looking for a functional blade for cutting demonstrations, AMAS offers a wide selection for you to choose from. To view individual items, click on the photos below:

Bushido Katana

$199.99 Ex Tax: $199.99

The Bushido Katana is truly an extraordinary sword. It is 100% hand-made and features a tempered, full tang blade that is forged from high carbon steel. The blade's cutting edge is a 60 RC, while the body of the blade is 20 RC. This provides one of the hardest edges available while maintaining res..

Chinese Broadsword

$39.99 Ex Tax: $39.99

This Chinese-style, stainless steel broadsword is a perfect replica for display or tournament purposes. Red and green cloths accentuate the tan leather handle. Blade length: 27"Overall length: 37.5"Imported*Oversized shipping rates apply.* ..

Chinese Broadsword

$198.99 Ex Tax: $198.99

An exquisite blade fit for an Emperor! The Chinese Broadsword's brown hand braided leather and red silk come together in a beautiful yet functional hand-crafted sword! Each blade is forged over hot coals and is 3-1/8" wide at the widest point and 26-3/4 long. The overall length of our functional and..

Combat Sword

$43.09 Ex Tax: $43.09

Combat Swords - Cutting edge technology meets ancient knowledge in Tiger Claw newest and safest light weight competition swords! The Tiger Claw Combat Swords provides a full range of competition weapons to match your entire armory! These weapons are made of a lightweight PVC core, for soft flexibili..

Double Edged Blade Samurai Sword

$69.99 Ex Tax: $69.99

This sword features a double-edged stainless steel blade with blood groove, decorative tsuba and a red cord-wrapped handle. Comes complete with a red accented mahogany lacquered scabbard. For display purposes only.Blade length: 27.5"Overall length: 39"Imported*Oversized shipping rates apply.* ..

Four Piece Traditional Samurai Kanji Sword Set

$99.99 Ex Tax: $99.99

This traditional Samurai sword set includes one katana, one wakizashi, one tanto and one black wooden stand. Japanese kanji is etched on each stainless steel blade. Each sword features a black scabbard and wrapped handle with white accent, plus a spoked metal hand guard. For display purposes only. S..

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