Whether you're a collector, looking for a beautiful new sword to add to your collection, or a practitioner looking for a functional blade for cutting demonstrations, AMAS offers a wide selection for you to choose from. To view individual items, click on the photos below:

Actionflex Sword

$44.99 Ex Tax: $44.99

The ActionFlex sword is made of durable, shock-absorbing materials and features a non-slip, sure-grip impact handle. Designed to allow students to spar and practice without holding back, it is always recommended that participants wear padded weapons headgear and other gear when training with padded ..

Aluminum Alloy Samurai Sword - Half Tang

$199.99 Ex Tax: $199.99

This aluminum alloy sword features a black guard and cloth case, plus a lacquered scabbard accented with black cording. Blade cannot be sharpened. Available in two sizes. See Century Terms and Conditions for additional information and warnings.Imported. ..

Braided Leather Night Warrior Katana

$224.00 Ex Tax: $224.00

Get the ultimate black braided leather Japanese samurai sword! The sword features sleek stainless wire accents, the hand braided leather grip and sheath. 28" blade. Overall: 38-1/2". ..

Bushido Katana

$199.99 Ex Tax: $199.99

The Bushido Katana is truly an extraordinary sword. It is 100% hand-made and features a tempered, full tang blade that is forged from high carbon steel. The blade's cutting edge is a 60 RC, while the body of the blade is 20 RC. This provides one of the hardest edges available while maintaining res..

Chinese Broadsword

$39.99 Ex Tax: $39.99

This Chinese-style, stainless steel broadsword is a perfect replica for display or tournament purposes. Red and green cloths accentuate the tan leather handle. Blade length: 27"Overall length: 37.5"Imported*Oversized shipping rates apply.* ..

Chinese Broadsword

$198.99 Ex Tax: $198.99

An exquisite blade fit for an Emperor! The Chinese Broadsword's brown hand braided leather and red silk come together in a beautiful yet functional hand-crafted sword! Each blade is forged over hot coals and is 3-1/8" wide at the widest point and 26-3/4 long. The overall length of our functional and..

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