Chest Guards

Chest protectors are an essential piece of sparring gear that helps protect your body from injury during karate, boxing and other physical contact sports. AMAS carries a wide selection of male and female chest protectors. To view the products that are available, click on the photos below: 

Martial Armor Vest

$74.99 Ex Tax: $74.99

Featuring the revolutionary Martial Armor design, this vest is the first-ever full torso marial arts gear. Designed to work with the body's natural movements, this sparring gear provides coverage for the chest, ribs and shoulders while still being exceptionally breathable. Composed of 0.625-inch pad..

ProForce® Thunder Deluxe Belly Protector Pad

$89.95 Ex Tax: $89.95

Wrap around design with multi-layer foams. Target zones on the front and sides are extra padded for those high impact punches, kicks, strikes and knees. Inside liner helps keep you cool, while the 3" adjustable hook and loop strap with d-ring buckle keeps it snug and comfy. Synthetic fabric will pro..

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