Shin Guards

UFC  Professional Shin Instep Guards

$109.99 Ex Tax: $109.99

Perfect for stand-up drills, sparring and training, these guards are composed of specialized EVA lightweight foam. The hook-and-loop straps keep the pad snug against the shin and features reinforced, contrast stitching. Built with extra-soft interior lining for increased comfort, plus high-end, 100 ..

Warrior Shin/Forearm Guard

$29.00 Ex Tax: $29.00

A best pick by martial artists, the Warrior Shin/Forearm Guard features Warrior’s signature double overlay foam for even more protection. Warrior Shin/Forearm guards are contoured, fitted 5/8” dipped foam with an added layer of thick foam for knee-to-ankle or wrist-to-elbow coverage. Sparring and tr..

Forearm Pad

$17.99 Ex Tax: $17.99

Designed with machine washable, soft-knitted elastic and foam for flexibility during light-impact training. Imported...

ProForce® Lightning Shin Guard

$29.95 Ex Tax: $29.95

Features:- 1/2" thick vinyl covered foam offers protection from top of ankle to bottom of knee.- Strategically placed cutouts allow for more comfort and air flow.- Extra padding is offered down the middle of the guard where more contact occurs.- Fastens with 2 elastic straps around the leg.- Comes i..

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