Body shields are excellent training tools that can help improve the power of your kicks and punches. AMAS proudly offers body shields from Century, Macho and Tiger Claw. To view individual items, click on the photos below::

ProForce® Thunder Leather Body Shield

$79.95 Ex Tax: $79.95

The ProForce® Thunder Leather Body Shield features a reinforced leather cover over dense compressed foam for professional action. Great for all kicks, punches, and offensive techniques. The reinforced leather cover is built to withstand the toughest assaults and more. Four reinforced padded handles ..

ProForce® Thunder Reaction Shield

$79.95 Ex Tax: $79.95

Reinforced vinyl filled with "Extra Lightweight" high impact resistant foam. Oversized top pad provides ideal target for upper cuts & front kicks. Three handles on back for steady support. Measures 29" x 14" x 4".Disclaimer:Boxing and Martial Arts are contact sports. Users of this equipment are ..

Rib Saver - The "Tough Guy" Foam Shield

$99.95 Ex Tax: $99.95

The RibSaver Foam Shield is the only shield that truly lives up to its name. Created by Master Nick Patakos, the Rib-Saver was designed to help withstand and absorb impact. The crescent shaped second pad that lies between the ribs and the arm has a different density foam than the main shield whic..

Slammer Shield

$89.99 Ex Tax: $89.99

The Slammer Shield has a concave shape that allows for improved control when catching strikes and kicks, with two back handles and one on each side for a sure grip. Constructed of 16 oz. nylon-reinforced vinyl and dense, compressed foam. Sold individually.ImportedDimensions16"W x 26"L x 6"T ..

Striking Shield

$88.19 Ex Tax: $88.19

Top of the line multi-striking vinyl shield. Angled on all sides to allow you to work every angle of your opponent. Whether you're working uppercuts, elbows, or body shots, this is the shield that will help develop your skill-set and take you to the next level in your training. Easily absorbs full c..

Super Shield

$59.99 Ex Tax: $59.99

The ultimate protection designed for advanced students using full power. Provides maximum protection and absorbs full contact. Dimensions are 26" x14" x8". Sold Individually. ..

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