Mouth Guards

Dental injuries are one of the most common in contact sports and one of the easiest to avoid. Protect your teeth with a quality mouth guard. AMAS is proud to offer a variety of mouth guards from the best manufactures in the business. Many even come with dental warranties. To view individual items, click on the photos below:

Brain Pad Mouthguard Lo Pro+

$14.99 Ex Tax: $14.99

Covers upper and lower teeth with a low profile comfort design. Promotes breathing while clenching and fits over braces. Mouthguard case included. Colors: Clear, Black/Clear or Blue/Clear Sizes: Junior, Adult ..

Double Braces Mouthguard

$24.99 Ex Tax: $24.99

Perfect for coverage over braces, this top- and bottom-teeth guard adapts to changes in tooth position as braces are adjusted. Breathing channels located through the center of the mouth guard provide added comfort. Comes complete with manufacturers dental warranty. Available in youth and adult sizes..

Double Mouthguard - Clear

$3.99 Ex Tax: $3.99

Ideal coverage for both upper and lower teeth, this mouth guard custom fits in seconds with a pre-formed breathing hole. Great for a variety of sports and available in youth and adult sizes.Imported ..

Mouthguard System

$9.99 Ex Tax: $9.99

This single mouth guard system includes two single clear mouthpieces and a carrying case.Imported..

Mouthpiece Case

$3.99 Ex Tax: $3.99

Keeping mouth guards clean and safe, this Century case is made of impact resistant plastic.USA ..

SHOCK DOCTOR  Gel Max Mouthguard

$12.99 Ex Tax: $12.99

The heavy-duty rubber exoskeleton shock frame of this mouthpiece provides maximum fit and support. Latex-free, the guard also features jaw joint and concussion resistance. Complete with manufacturers dental warranty. Available in youth and adult sizes.USA ..

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