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Competition Tonfas

$34.99 $42.99 Ex Tax: $34.99

Crafted from select ash hardwood for superior durability. The tapered shafts and contoured grips allow for faster rotation and smoother turns. Available in two sizes: 18-inch shafts with 4-inch grips; 20-inch shafts with 4.25-inch grips. ..

Deluxe Black Tonfa

$17.59 $21.99 Ex Tax: $17.59

Wooden Weapon - Heavy 20 inch black lacquered hardwood baton. Sold as a pair...

Foam Tonfas

$19.19 $23.99 Ex Tax: $19.19

These durable tonfa are constructed of a wood core covered in 0.25-inch foam. Sold in pairs. Features 4.5-inch grips. Sold in pairs.Length: 20 inchesWeighs approximately 1 lb. ..

Lightweight Tonfa with Case

$27.99 $34.99 Ex Tax: $27.99

These weapons have been carefully designed to bring you the highest quality at a reasonable price. Constructed out of natural finish hardwood, the shafts are of a traditional Okinawan design that is square by the handle and tapers smoothly to round at the ends. The handle has a unique flared design ..

Tapered Square Tonfas

$29.59 $36.99 Ex Tax: $29.59

Handsomely crafted from durable red oak, these tonfa feature tapered shafts that resemble the natural arm shape. Available in three sizes: 18-, 19- and 20-inch shafts, each with 3.25-inch grips. Grip ends are bigger to help prevent sliding. Sold in pairs.Approximate weight between 1 lb. and 1 lb. 2 ..


$20.99 $25.99 Ex Tax: $20.99

These traditionally constructed tonfa are made of hardwood and designed for maximum efficiency. Available in four sizes, including a 14-inch style that's made especially for youth. The 14-inch tonfa feature 3-inch grips. The 18-, 20- and 24-inch tonfa feature 4.25-inch grips. ****RESTRICTED SHIPPING..

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