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Contact Sports L.L.C. / American Martial Arts Supply was founded in 1996 and was one of the first martial arts companies on the Internet.   It has always been our goal to provide our customers with a one stop shop where they can purchases all of their favorite brands at a guaranteed low price. In 1997 Contact Sports L.L.C. launched The Armory. A website offering a wide range of weapons and armor. Not only for the martial arts, but for all weapon practitioners and enthusiast. It quickly became apparent that there was a lack of quality, hand-forged swords that were not only functional, but affordable. In 2002 we began designing and manufacturing our own weapon designs under the Ikeda brand.

In 2004, one of our martial arts instructors noticed an influx of students wearing weighted clothing. The extra weight helped improve athletic conditioning and speed. Unfortunately, most of the weights being used were made from steel shot or bars. These type of weights did not properly couture to the body and were more likely to cause injury. In 2006 Contact Sports L.L.C. founded Strength Tech. A company that manufatures weighted vests and clothing that features flex-metal weights. These weights conture to the athletes body and reduces potential injury.

It is our goal to provide our customers with the best shopping experience possible. We will continue to offer the lowest prices on quality brands such as: Century, Asian World of Marital Arts, Macho, and Tiger Claw, but we will also pursue new innovations which will help improve and promote the martial arts.

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