White Oak Bokken

$18.39 $22.99 Ex Tax: $18.39

Made of traditional white oak, this bokken comes complete with a hand guard, one plastic tsuba and one rubber stopper. Ideal for weapons training, with a 40-inch total length.*Oversized shipping rates apply.* ..

Youth Bokken

$11.19 $13.99 Ex Tax: $11.19

Made especially for youth martial artists with its shorter length, this bokken is made of select hardwood and includes one plastic tsuba and one rubber stopper. Blade length: 24.5"Overall length: 33"*Oversized shipping rates apply.* ..

Youth Foam Bokken

$23.99 Ex Tax: $23.99

The Youth Foam Bokken has a smaller diameter and shorter length options for young martial artists. Made with a durable red oak core and a 0.25-inch thick foam casing. Comes complete with a polyethylene hand guard. Available lengths: 33" overall with 24.25" blade; 40" overall with 30" bladeImpor..

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