ActionFlex Choken Plus

$39.99 $49.99 Ex Tax: $39.99

This durable practice sword features an oval handle for better control and is made of shock absorbing material for training and development.USA/Imported*Oversized shipping rates apply.* ..

ActionFlex Escrima

$35.99 $44.99 Ex Tax: $35.99

Constructed of sure-grip shock absorbing materials, the ActionFlex Escrima is designed to simulate authentic weaponry, allowing students to spar and practice without holding back. Padded weapons headgear and other gear is always recommended when training with padded weaponry.USA/Imported - 24-in..


$12.79 $15.99 Ex Tax: $12.79

Made for practicing sword techniques, this bokken is made of select hardwood and includes one plastic and one rubber stopper. Blade length: 30"Overall length: 40" ..

Bokken with Scabbard

$41.59 $51.99 Ex Tax: $41.59

Hardwood bokken equipped with a matching wood scabbard. The handle features a contrasting nylon cording with metal end caps and wooden hand guard.Blade length: 28.5"Overall length: 41"*Oversized shipping rates apply.* ..

Bokken with Wood Scabbard - 28"

$19.99 $24.99 Ex Tax: $19.99

This hardwood crafted bokken comes with a wood scabbard and is excellent for practicing drawing techniques. Features an affixed wood hand guard and a natural wood finish.Blade length: 18.75"Overall length: 28"*Oversized shipping rates apply.*..

Bokken With Wood Scabbard - 41"

$22.39 $27.99 Ex Tax: $22.39

Hardwood crafted with a wooden scabbard, this bokken is excellent for practicing drawing techniques. Includes an affixed wood hand guard.Length: 41"*Oversized shipping rates apply.*..

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